Banco Bradesco S.A.

Founded in 1943 in the city of Marilia, state of São Paulo, Bradesco has 75 years of history currently being one of Brazil’s largest banks in terms of total assets, BRL 1.3 trillion as of June 30th, 2018. It provides a wide range of banking, insurance and financial products and services in Brazil and abroad to individuals, micro, small and mid-sized companies and major local and international corporations and institutions.

Worldwide, Bradesco has 71.2 million customers: 28 million checking accounts and 52.2 million insurance clients. Banco Bradesco S.A. has shares listed at São Paulo Stock Exchange, NYSE - New York Stock Exchange and quoted at Latibex Madrid as well.

With one foot in tradition and the other in innovation, Bradesco has built a publicly traded institution that is present in all Brazilian municipalities, with a diversified product and service offering – including the largest insurance company in Latin America – designed for customers of all types, from personal customers in Brazil’s remotest areas to the country’s largest corporations.

With presence in all Brazilian municipalities, Bradesco also has branches in two boats in the Amazon region in the Solimões River, providing banking inclusion, financial education and development in remote regions of northern Brazil accessible by the 1.600 kilometre stretch of river, reaching 50 riverside communities and 11 municipalities.

Banco Bradesco S.A. has one of the most extensive private-sector branch and service network in Brazil, which allows reaching a diverse customer base. Its services and products encompass banking operations such as lending and deposit-taking, credit card issuance, consortiums, insurance, leasing, payment collection and processing, pension plans, asset management and brokerage services. Moreover, BBI (Bradesco’s Investment Bank) advises customers in the issue of shares, merger and acquisition operations, structuring and distribution of debt instruments, including debentures, promissory notes, Project Finance, structured financing for companies, etc. in Brazil and abroad.

The main purpose of our branches and subsidiaries abroad is to support Brazilian customers, both individuals and corporations, and meet their needs on the foreign market, in addition to carrying out funding in the foreign financial community and exchange for lending to customers, mainly aimed to meet the demand for foreign trade financing operations.

Bradesco has launched in 2017 an all-digital bank called Next, Bradesco’s 100% digital platform that, beyond making products and services readily available, provides a behaviour-based user experience through interactive tools that transform money management into an intelligent, goal-orientated journey.

Overview Highlights
(As of June 30th, 2018)

Total Assets: BRL 1.3 trillion

Loan Portfolio: BRL 515.6 billion

Assets under Management: BRL 2.0 trillion

Insurance Written Premiums, Pension Plan Contributions and Capitalisation Bonds: BRL 18.2 billion

Presence in all Brazilian municipalities: 63.1 thousand points of service¹

Branches: 4.7 thousand (22.7% of total Brazilian branches)

Branches and Subsidiaries Abroad: 13

Credit Cards: BRL 45.9 billion in volume

Customers: 71.2 million

Transactions thought digital channels: 96%

FX Market - Export: USD 28.5 billion (market leader)

FX Market - Import: USD 18.8 billion (market leader)
1- Excludes Banco 24 Horas Network and Offsite ATM Network.

Bradesco seeks to include sustainability in the business with the aim of increasing its capacity to thrive in the long term in a competitive and dynamic business environment. The perception that we are moving towards a transition to a new economy, more aligned with the development challenges that we face, leads us to incorporate social and environmental aspects in the management of risks and opportunities, in order to ensure positive results and the generation of shared value. Bradesco works towards attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) through our business activities and social investment. Our voluntary commitments and active participation in business forums enhance our support for the Agenda 2030, while also strengthening our practices and encouraging other companies to do the same.

Fundação Bradesco is a source of inspiration for our sustainability initiatives, with independent activities. Founded in 1956, the Fundação Bradesco is a non-for-profit organisation and one of the largest private social investment programs in Brazil, working across the entire basic education spectrum from early childhood through secondary education and associate-level professional education. It also provides young adult education and initial and continuing education, promoting entrepreneurship, employability and income opportunities. The Foundation currently benefits 96,754 students in 40 schools throughout Brazil, with 92.4% of its students from local communities. It is headquartered in Cidade de Deus, Osasco (SP). In addition, more than 608,000 students study via the Foundation’s Virtual School, with more than 90 free online courses.

Banco Bradesco Europa

Banco Bradesco Europa, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Banco Bradesco S.A. based in Luxembourg, is a commercial bank focusing its activities on Trade Finance, Corporate Lending, Interbank Operations, Private Banking and Asset Management. Authorised and regulated by the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) it counts on a specialised team of professionals bringing excellence to the business.

Banco Bradesco Europa - London Branch

Since March 2015, Banco Bradesco Europa - London Branch has been focusing its activities on Corporate Banking and Trade Finance to Corporates. Authorised and regulated by CSSF and PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority), the Branch main goal is to have an expansion based in its sales force corporate offer and asset management through business prospection with companies and banks that have focus on the EU and Brazilian markets. Most of the clients that the London Branch approaches have an existing relationship with Banco Bradesco S.A.

Our objective is to link Brazilian clients with Europe, and European clients with Brazil. With strong knowledge of Brazilian Market, the UK Branch performs a series of activities including Corporate and Trade Finance products such as (i) Forfaiting; (ii) Trade Loans; (iii) Working Capital; (iv) Syndicated Loans; (v) Revolving Credit Facility; (vi) Deposit-taking activities; (vii) Time Deposits; and (viii) Guarantees. All the expertise and intelligence of Bradesco Europa bringing integrated solutions to your Company.

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